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Here's a little bit about this blog in the author's own words: "There are many reasons for starting this blog. I'm a Sign Language Interpreter in the UK and part of a profession that is currently experiencing many difficulties. We are faced with changing market forces, the long-standing ignorance of why interpreters are necessary and statutory organisations, whose main concern, in this current economic climate, is mostly to cut costs rather than look at equality or value for money. After years of growth we are now experiencing a very different situation. My name is Jennifer Smith. I have been an interpreter for 10 years, registered for 5. I've done a variety of campaign and development work and have a continued interest in these areas. To my knowledge this is the only dedicated blog on Sign Language Interpreting in the UK. This blog seeks to address some of the misinformation about Sign Language Interpreting in the UK by giving interpreters a way to air their views publicly but, if they chose to, anonymously. We are bound by a Code of Conduct in our day-to-day work. It is right that we are but sometimes we may feel we can not speak out. We can post on public forums but may leave ourselves open to criticism and personal attack. This blog provides a way for interpreters to post opinion pieces to air these conversations and opinions we wish to be made public without fear of recrimination."

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